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Long-Tail Keywords

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What is a Long Tail Keyword? Is it easier to rank on Long-Tail Keywords?

Long Tail keywords are three, four or five keyword phrases (multi-word phrases). In most of the cases, these specific searches for a products or services are far more likely to convert to business.

One should focus on more of Long Tail Keywords, three, four or five keyword phrases (multi-word phrases) specific to your products or services. Using Long-Tail Keywords can actually help you in getting more targeted traffic to your Website because Long-Tail Keywords can help you rank higher on Search Engines and increase your revenue because specific niche keywords, boost the organic search traffic to your Website.

Your main focus should be on Long-tail keywords as Long-Tail Keywords account for more than 70% of all web searches because Long-tail keywords are how people actually search. Everyone should remember that each search on any Search Engine is a simple reflection of a user’s desire which can easily convert to business for an organization.
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